the charm of handmade

Imperfection or personal touch? We love these little issues that make each product unique. The tableware and accessories in our Atelier and Attic collections are fully made by hand, little issues guaranteed. Pick your favourite match of styles for one more personal touch.

the sense of fair trade

We believe that everybody involved in our ceramics making, trading and using should benefit and be safe. On our side, being based in Lampang, Thailand, we work according to fair trade standards. We strive to raise living standards locally and provide a safe and healthy, non-toxic, working environment. Of course we take care our products are safe to use. Many of our clients are certified fair trade buyers and audit us regularly.

anything else?

ATELIER, ATTIC, and LAB collections in collaboration with Carla Peters of wonderable

Slender Vases

View our 2019's latest product updates Slender Vases. The charms of handcraft and imperfection is the new perfection are their main concepts. Sprung from ATELIER collection, you can play with colors and textures. Come and see. They fit perfectly well in your home.


10 reasons of why you have to choose Sang Arun Ceramics

What are we? What do we do? Why do you have to buy our products? Now let us help you.


Easy Steps to Make Ceramics

Have you ever wondered how do mugs, bowls, vases, and some others ceramics are made? Let us show you.


Sang Arun Ceramics

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