Our Clients

At Sang Arun we see our clients as our partners. With some of them we go back decades and have shared successes and learned from problems. We are always in for starting new collaborations and growing together.


From design to products

With your decoration

In any colors


1. Send an email to us and discuss what you want to do. We will give you the estimated price.

2. Order samples (takes 3-4 weeks)

3. Once the samples are approve, we can start the production

Conditions: Samples can be made with some development fees. However, when you place the order, sample cost can be deducted.

Success Stories


This Souvenir Zoo vase of Wonderable went viral as Heidi Klum took 'something big' around the world and when coming home, she revealed her new ceramic supermodel to her followers.

Altro Mercato

Our Fair Trade loyal customer that have been working with us for more than 15 years.

Brands that have been worked and working with us