Our Ceramics

When it comes to hand painting, clay and color mixing, mold making, we're the masters. From small batches to large runs, made by hand and made with care. Our artisans have built this expertise over 50 years and make a ceramic quality to last a lifetime.

Hand Painting

Our lady artisans are good at hand painting. Whether it is a floral pattern, a graphic all-over or a minimal accent, we can paint your style.

Color Mixing

We prepare the mixtures in-house as per customer requests. Our customers are delighted to receive the specific colors they desire.

Mold Making

With our expert mold magician, designers and clients can either draft the designs or bring the samples. We'll handle the magical rest!

Our Clay Recipe

Handcrafted with clay sourced from Lampang and our own mix, our ceramics feature a semi-porcelain composition. This specific blend imparts a soft whitish color and enhanced longevity, surpassing that of porcelain. You can confidently enjoy our ceramics for over a decade.

Food and Microwave Safe

The firing temperature is set at 1250 degrees Celsius.

Therefore, our ceramics are both durable and safe for food. They do not contain any cadmium or lead and can be safely used in the microwave.

Certificate for your own products can be requested with some fees.

Factory Audit

We had factory audits, for example, ICS (Initiative for Compliance and Sustainability) which focuses on working condition, social, and environment. FT Assessment (FT) focuses on fair trade compliances and the report is available in EFTA Fair Trade Base.

Carla Peters of Wonderable - Designer

"I love working with skilled master crafts people. They have an eye for detail and understand that I want to have a color or a curve just right. Since more than 20 years this works out so well with Sang Arun. New ceramic beauties every year!"