10 Reasons why you have to choose Sang Arun

  1. We are experts in ceramics. The company was founded in 1960 and we successfully enter an international market since 1970’s. It’s been almost 60 years we are in this market and sell our ceramics worldwide.
  2. Our ceramics are made of good quality of clay in Thailand, so it’s durable. It can last 10 years or more in your house if you don’t break it or get it out from your house.
  3. Our ceramics are safe for human health. We have documents guarantee for this.
  4. Our ceramics are heat friendly. They can be put in microwave, stove, and oven even in high temperatures. (The last firing of our ceramics take 1,250 degrees Celcius).
  5. Our ceramics are handmade. A lot of things can attain from machine, BUT our ceramics gives a sense of life and soul.
  6. Our artist and artisans have been working with us for a long time from generation to another generation. Therefore, the craftsman’s skill and techniques are also passed down.
  7. We are specialized in handmade mold making and hand painting designs. We successfully enter international market because of these reasons. Ask us for more pictures if you want to see.
  8. We never stop developing our products; especially, for our customers. We work closely with customers. When you come up with your own designs, we can help you carve it out.
  9. The price of our factory is competitive due to efficient process.  
  10. We are a Fair Trade company in Thailand. When you buy our products, you help the society. Local Lampang people have a job with good working condition and get fair wage. Also, we help save the environment. We reduce plastic use in packaging and we don’t emit any toxic gas to the air and toxic substances to water.