Easy Steps to Make Handmade Ceramics


Holding a white ceramic coffee cup in your hand, have you wondered how ceramics are made? Today I’m going to tell you step by step process just for you to have rough pictures of how we do in our factory.


  1. Shape the clay into the shape we want. In this step, we can do it by hand. However, in mass production, we usually use plaster mold, roller, and jigger. After finishing the body, let the clay dry before finishing.
Molding - pour the liquid clay and leave it for about 20 minutes or more to get the thinkness of shape and pour the liquid clay out. Let it dry before taking the body clay out of the mold.
Roller - cut the clay into pieces and stamp the roller on it. Let it dry before we take out from the plaster case mold.

                        Finishing - clean and make the surface of the body smooth


2. Put the bodies into the kiln for biscuit firing 6 hours at 700 degree Celcius.
3.  Draw and paint the design.
Decal technique - this technique uses when we want to make the ceramics look all the same in the production
4. After decorating, we slowly dipped the painted biscuit in the glaze.
Glazing - Now Sang Arun has 3 kinds of glazing: shiny, matt, and semi-matt

TIPS: Always stir the glaze every time before you dip because the glaze may cause rough surface later after firing.


5. Put the glazed items in the firing again. This time we do 1,230-1,260 degree Celcius. We have to control the temperature in the kiln well so that every pieces in the kiln will be well done.

The ceramics are now well baked. We have to let them cool down in the kiln a bit before we can take them out.

The cone is used to tell the temperature in the kiln. If it comes down nicely like in the picture, it means the temperature is controlled well and the ceramics are well-done.