About Us

“Sang Arun” in Thai means dawn. The meaning expresses hope, opportunity, growth and prosperity.
We are one of leading manufacturers of semi-porcelain in Lampang was established in 1964.
   We have experiences in ceramic business more than 50 years and export to international markets including with North America, Europe, Australia and Asia. Moreover, our product ranges are table wares and home decorative items. We are keen on hand-painted as well as modern styles.


     To serve customers’ satisfaction and market trends, Sang Arun has never stopped improving skills and techniques to use in production process. Additional, we concern about quality and safety for users. From raw material until finished goods, we can ensure that they are safe including with painting colors, clay, Lead and Cadmium free, microwave safe, oven safe and dishwasher safe


     The growth of the business has created work opportunities for the local communities and gives better standards of living. Sang Arun provides not only work opportunities but also works on capacity building for our employees which leads to work satisfaction and long-term employment. In addition Sang Arun also support for social development activities in communities in the surroundings of Lampang.